Strikes me as fair.

The subject is Medicare Part B and D IRMAA premiums and whether or not they are fair to higher income seniors.

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  1. First of all I think “FAIR” is a completely subjective term, it depends on who you ask and how they are affected by whatever the topic is. Where I have a problem with the IRMAA premiums is that they raise the premium even if you are just 1 dollar over the lower range. Not like income tax where you pay the higher rate on only the amount that falls in the higher range. So a couple who earns 176K pays $148.50 each and a couple who earns 176K+1 pays 207.90 each.


  2. I don’t think it is fair because why should one person ever pay more than another for exact same insurance. When you check out at the supermarket do you pay based on your income? The can of beans is more for you than the next person because of your income.

    Since the combined Medicare programs parts receive about 43% of their revenue from the US general fund, I’ll argue that people with higher AGI are already paying more in taxes thus are paying more toward that 43% than the 61% of household that paid no income taxes in 2020.

    Short of going to a flat tax without tax credits, I don’t see how it will ever be fair.

    But, I totally agree with you. Having to pay more in taxes because of your income is a problem that I will gladly accept to work through. Because if I didn’t have to pay more, then I might not have the income that I need in retirement. I rather have to give some more of my income away instead of applying for additional government welfare because I don’t have enough money.


    1. They tax laws are full of rules where higher income pay more or are limited in the tax benefits they can receive like with IRAs and 401k plans even pensions. Many employers charge premiums based on income.


    2. Every corporate health insurance plan I’ve had for the past 20+ years has had graduated premiums with higher income employees paying more in premiums. This doesn’t strike me as unusual or particularly “unfair”. It’s standard in today’s world


  3. Yes they are fair. Folks with a higher income should pay more. That’s how our system works. Don’t like the higher premiums, but there are millions of people who would gladly trade places with me.

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