You can’t handle …

That famous scream by Col Jessup, “You can’t handle the truth!” is very appropriate today, at least that’s what most politicians think of the American people.

I don’t know about handling the truth, but most people would rather not seek it, ignore it or choose not to believe it. And that’s how politicians manipulate citizens because they are afraid if they tell the truth, they will lose votes – I suspect they are right.

It’s much easier accepting the rhetoric convincing us it’s always the other guy or gal at fault … or anything beyond our control, when in fact most often it is the opposite.

Don’t believe me? Look at the memes that proliferate Facebook with outrageous misinformation or outright lies. They go on forever, even after being debunked.


  1. I think the question now is what is the truth that I can’t handle and why can’t I handle it?

    The only thing I know that is true is that you cannot trust the media or politicians.
    When the Babylon Bee meme are more truthful as satire than the media reports it is scarily. What is even more scarily is that a few months later they become true. The world is in a bad place.

    The 1st Amendment was meant to allow a free exchange of ideas and keep our government in check. Journalism used to seek the truth. No matter where you stand on the Rittenhouse trial, there is a perfect example. If you watched the trial on Court TV, Grosskreutz (bicep man) in court, claimed that he didn’t have a gun. Then he said that he did have a gun but that he never pointed a gun at Kyle. The defense provided a picture of him pointing a gun at Kyle just a few feet away with Kyle on the ground just before he was shot. Grosskreutz then admitted that he did in fact point a gun at Kyle. This is in the court record. The very next day, Grosskreutz was on Good Morning America claiming that he never pointed a gun at Kyle and GMA never challenge him on it. In the old days, 60 Minutes would have shown the same pictures. Instead GMA continues the narrative that Grosskreutz was just in the wrong place during a peaceful protest. The media cannot even call a riot a riot while showing footage of looting and burning of buildings. GMA has a wider audience than Court TV and people are going to think that anybody that says anything different than GMA is lying because they saw it with their on eyes on GMA.

    I am betting most of America still thinks that Kyle shot him for no reason because it fits the narrative that has been broadcasted for over a year and a half. If you say something long enough and often enough and it is what you want to believe than you’ll believe it. It does not have to be true. We are living the book 1984.

    My next rant will be on why the FDA can review all the paperwork for approval of the Covid-19 vaccines in two months but has asked a judge to allow them to take 55 years to release those same documents under a Freedom Of Information Act request because they can’t review the paperwork for release any faster than that. Government causes their own mistrust. What are they hiding?


    1. They are hiding the effectiveness of the COVID jabs and are now calling for a third and 4 shot, all to make billions of dollars worldwide. Why are COVID case rates in countries with 70 to 90 + percent fully vaccinated going up? Why are fully vaccinated still getting COVID, infecting others and dying in higher numbers, than the unvaccinated? Why is natural immunity after getting COVID considered not good enough, you still have to get the Jab, so you can protect others? Only 14 percent of the US has tested positive for COVID and many of the test results are in question, because if you cycle the test past 35 cycles you can get a false positive. In the last 21 months 4.69 million people have died in the U.S., 760,551 / 16.2 % of those deaths have been listed as COVID, that is died with COVID maybe not from COVID. Why does the U.S. have the highest COVID deaths per 100,000, than any other country? Maybe it is because the hospitals get more money for COVID listed deaths. There are just too many questions about the so called COVID pandemic, that we will never know the real numbers.
      Many countries that did not lock down and have low vaccination rates are not seeing higher cases or death rates, than countries that did lock down and have 3 or 4 times the vaccination rates. But, we all know the government would not lie to us, lol.


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